111. Why Women Shouldn't Be Fasting & Other Biohacks You Haven't Heard of with Ben Greenfield
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Here at BossBabe, you know we’re all about hacking our health (aka biohacking) to achieve peak performance in business and life. Today, we’re joined by Ben Greenfield, a health and wellness expert, human performance consultant, author, speaker, and the ultimate biohacker.    Whether you’re new to biohacking or consider yourself healthy, if you want to learn how to optimize your biology and be at your highest performing self, then listen up. We’re diving deep into all things health, longevity, and performance, as well as which biohacking methods actually work and which ones you should ditch.    Ben’s approach to biohacking is understanding how the human body operates like a battery and leveraging natural ancient strategies (which are the foundations of health) and modern science. Ben also shares his top biohacking recommendations that you can do for free and of course, technology and tools that you can invest in when you’re ready to take biohacking to the next level.    Make sure to take notes because in true BossBabe style, Ben over-delivers on value. After this episode, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to start enhancing your mind, body, and soul.    Links: Sign up for our free 10-day Instagram Challenge: bossbabe.com/instachallenge   Grab your copy of Ben Greenfield’s Boundless: https://amzn.to/3fvP3AV   Products mentioned: Dutch Advanced Hormones Test: https://dutchtest.com/ Joovv Red Light Therapy: https://joovv.com/ Negative Ion Generator: https://amzn.to/2Cbq0po Grounding Mats: https://www.ultimatelongevity.com/  Re-timer Light Therapy Glasses: https://www.re-timer.com/ Human Charger Headset: https://humancharger.com/ Eye Protection Computer Software: https://iristech.co/         Follow:  @bossbabe.inc Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie Ben Greenfield, @bengreenfieldfitness
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