Boxcast Episode 10 – Breaking Dawn: Part 2 The stars have aligned and Anders, Alex, Thomas, and I all happen to be around at the same time. So we recorded a Boxcast! We talked about what’s wrong with the HOF voting process and a little bit about how to fix it, and then some Jays […]
Published 01/10/13
Episode 9 – Kingdom of the Crystal Boxcast Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors (sic) drops by to discuss the Jays’ recent offseason makeover and tell us a bit about what it’s like to cover the GM meetings in person.
Published 11/19/12
Episode 8 – Edwinning In episode 8, the band reunites for one last show. Just kidding, there will be many more shows! In the first episode since the MLB season began, the gang discusses the Blue Jays season that’s been, upcoming series’, and a pair of super-rookies making headlines in MLB.
Published 04/30/12
Episode 7 – 28 Jays Later In episode 7, Dave, Anders, and Thomas get all in a tizzy about opening day. Baseball’s back! The smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of Mr. Watson hollering out of his ice cream truck as he jingles through the neighbourhood, and other old-timey descriptors. After the opening day […]
Published 04/05/12
Episode VI – Return of the Boxcast It’s fantasy season! With your fantasy draft approaching or just past, the gang is joined by some special guests to talk about how playing fantasy baseball and other sports changes us as fans. In part two, Dave Rutt and Alex Obal discuss the NL East, the strongest division […]
Published 03/19/12
Episode 5 – Live Boxcast or Die Hard
Published 03/12/12
Episode 4 – For a Few Boxes More
Published 03/05/12
Episode 3
Published 02/20/12
Episode 2
Published 02/06/12
Published 02/06/12