A new passion and lease on life with Scott Switzer, the Clydesdale CrossFitter
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Scott Switzer isn’t your average fitness buff. He discovered CrossFit late in life thanks to a health scare and a healthy dose of fate, and transformed his life. But the transformation was more than physical. His soul was forever changed. Now he’s paying it forward. He’s a husband and father, a dedicated athlete, a coach, a staple as a volunteer at CrossFit competitions small and large around the country, co-host of 2 fitness podcasts, and working on more ventures in the space that have the potential to allow him to make a shift in his career to be all-fitness, all the time.   EPISODE NOTES https://boxjumper.ca/Episode36   EPISODE LINKS   The Clydesdale CrossFitter Fitness & Friends Podcast https://theclydesdalecrossfitter.com https://www.instagram.com/clydesdale_fitnessandfriends https://www.facebook.com/103389601209665 Beyond the Journal Podcast https://instagram.com/beyondthejournalpodcast CrossFit’s Mini-doc featuring Scott on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQkBuLqYdvU Shred CrossFit https://www.shredcrossfit.com
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