We Talk Back: "Times Up"
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The Black Effect Podcast Network Presents... We Talk Back. Do you know when to leave a relationship?? Well in case you don't Tambam and AJ give their listeners a 101 course on what toxic and red flags in a relationship are, while bringing in their own crazy experiences. In addition, they also go over some of the trending news in the media which included the sudden pass of Keyshia Cole's mother, which ended up turning into a discussion about the war on drugs in the community and their experience with drugs. Moreover, they also go over, a sex a fact that ties right into their main topic on when to leave a relationship. When do you hit the reset button on a man, let's discuss? Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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Today on the show we had actor Mahershala Ali stop by for the first time as he spoke about his film "Swan Song" his first leading role, his upcoming role as Blade, his growth as an actor and more. Also, they had Ralph McDaniel or better known as Uncle Ralph who spoke on the documentary on "Video...
Published 12/07/21
First thing first Happy Anniversary to us, the people that have been starting your mornings off right, for 11 years now!! And since it is our anniversary, we opened the phone lines to hear what our listeners have learned from us over the years, besides the hilarious and crazy banter on the show....
Published 12/06/21
Published 12/06/21