Cracking the whip on dating app safety
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Popular online dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge - are being threatened with government regulation unless they improve safety for users. The federal government is giving the industry until the middle of next year to develop and implement a voluntary code of practice to improve standards. This comes after an investigation last year by the Australian Institute of Criminology that found 75% of online daters had been subject to some kind of online sexual violence in the past five years. In this episode of The Briefing Antoinette Lattouf speaks with intimacy and dating app expert Lisa Portolan.   Headlines: The Government releases the first Employment White Paper in almost three decades   Voice referendum Newspoll shows No vote camp has risen  Melbourne airport expecting a daily average of 100-thousand people this week The largest soil sample from an asteroid has landed       Follow The Briefing:Instagram: @thebriefingpodcast Facebook: TheBriefingNewsAUTwitter: @TheBriefingAU     See for privacy information.
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