Excuse Me Miss Lady
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This week Charlamagne, Andrew, and Wax discuss mask mandates, Sage Steele's comments about Brarack Obama, Squid Game, Charlamagne talks about becoming a dad again, Breastfeeding in public, Dave Chapelle, ask an idiot, and more!!! Tha Gods Honest Truth merch www.cthashow.myshopify.com Head Over to www.theandrewschulz.com for Andrews latest tour info. Head to www.blackeffect.com to check all the podcasts on the Black Effect Podcast Network.
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This week Schulzy had guest Mouse Jones and Akaash fill in and give their brilliant but idiotic opinions on different topics as Charlamagne was away. They spoke on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and found who the real supporter of the movement is. They also spoke on the different curl...
Published 12/03/21
The Brilliant Idiots are back to give their unpopular opinion on trending topics such as Will Smith’s new book “Will” which Schulz was not that fond of let’s just say. Also, they address Taylor’s infamous picture with Brandy and Kobe..ALLEGEDLY !! They also find out T-Diddy is not the person to...
Published 11/26/21
Published 11/26/21