Red Notice (2020)
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I must admit I stand in opposition to the hugely negative response to the most expensive Netflix film in history. It wasn't as cynical or bombastic as I'd been led to believe, it's actually kinda amiable and fun. Even, dare I say it, quite elegant. The mega watt leads are good value, the long form set pieces well executed and I didn't feel that dirty after watching it.
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Still pushing the line that his previous brotherly duo, Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury album is the centuries best rap record, the decade solo Pusha continues one of Hip-hops hot streaks, after the instant classic Daytona. Reuniting with both that record's producer Kanye West and that previous...
Published 05/09/22
Published 05/09/22
Jason Pierce's longstanding coda to his previous band, Spacemen 3, have been ploughing the maximalist space rock field for decades now, and their high point, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, is my second favorite album of all time. After the excellent and very underappreciated, And...
Published 05/09/22