Jackass Forever (2022) Movie Review
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All this talk of how age has wearied them, made me expect a far more circumspect offering from the boys, but in reality it's far closer to the original films than I imagined it would be. Like those three, you are rarely more than two minutes away from a belly laugh - of which they remain the most consistent provider of, of any film series this century. A perfectly executed groin shot will never not be funny, it's art, look it up.
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It's Morbin time! fellow kids. Despite awful reviews, I didn't have a problem with this 300% on Rotten Tomatoes smash fail. I haven't been a fan of Jared Leto's jarring cameos in recent movie history, but he fares much better as a lead here, and both he and Matt Smith have, I think well developed...
Published 05/28/22
Published 05/28/22
As we continue to trawl the depths of remake and reboot - the unasked for return to a lesser Steven King novel and its even lesser film version, has been panned by critics. A whopping 11% Rotten Tomatoes. HOWEVER if you like the modern era's low key, low budget, homage to cult 70's/80's horror or...
Published 05/28/22