Just Mustard - Heart Under (2022) Album Review
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The much heralded Irish "Shoe-gazers" second album proves it's the genre that will never die and after Black Country, New Road probably my second favorite "Indie" album of the year. Built on a nightmarish fever dream sound-stage of squalling guitars, Suicide/Joy Division throbbing bass, break-beat drumming and the dead eyed, wide mouthed realm of terror that is Katie Bell, one of the most exciting indie singers in years.
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After trashing this franchise as one of the worst in film history, where every subsequent cash in release was dire, it was no surprise to see this "middle trilogy (probably)" get the worst reviews of all, and even called one of the worst blockbusters of recent years, HOWEVER. Last time out I gave...
Published 07/18/22
Published 07/18/22
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Published 07/10/22