Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) Film Review
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The Marvel Universe-Tree of Life-Cloud Atlas-Ingmar Bergman-Being John Malkovich-Brazil crossover you never knew you needed, by the A24/Russo brothers collab the world needed. Second time directors, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have created one of the century's most imaginative and wild films, that pretends to be a comedic superhero film but is a film about existential crisis - how to deal with the suicidal depressing realisation that life, no life, has any meaning at all. This is everything Dr. Strange 2 was not and even expands what is cinema is capable of. In this multiverse, even two inanimate rocks made be both laugh and cry. Everything is stupendous all of the time. The three leads are outstanding - 59 year old legend Michelle Yeoh, joins the women over 40 action hero club but so much more. Her career best needs to win best actress Oscar or it's a farce. I say in the review no action/fantasy/superhero actor has ever won an acting Oscar in the post LOTR era before, but forgot about the Joker's! It also needs to be nominated for best director, picture, screenplay, soundtrack and cinematography. After The Northman got 9.5/10 and my film of the year last time out, this joins it - but I nearly went full 10.
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Published 09/24/22