Tár (2023) Film Review
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One of this years major Oscar contenders is a total tour de force, with an already well celebrated lead actor. It is also an unexpected foray into the world of post #MeToo and cancel culture.
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Another 4K retro review and a real eyeopener. Perhaps my idea of this film had been sullied by subsequent sequels but it is far less goofy or zany than I remembered, and far more thoughtful and, often beautiful. It also hews far closer to the original of these films, the classic Out of Sight....
Published 05/03/23
I swear these films are getting worse. Removing anything remotely charming or funny about the first two films and with a main cast that appears tonally to be acting in different movies, this is an objectively worse film than the awful Shazam 2, but a brilliant Jonathan Majors villain, Kang, and...
Published 05/03/23
Published 05/03/23