Coachella 2023 - Full Review
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An overview of the iconic, yet somehow awful festival - including the elephant in the room (that isn't Frank Ocean). Consider this - on the biggest night of the biggest music festival in America, the four biggest acts on the biggest stage - in a row - did not feature one single musician playing an instrument. Half the acts sing over the top of backing tracks and some even mimed their entire sets. This is a disgrace and for the biggest live music festival in the USA, there's disturbingly little live music. Also reviews of the highlights, including Rosalia, Boygenius, Jai Paul and Blink 182 but also the low lights, Gorillaz, Blackpink, Calvin Harris, the mimers and of course the already notorious Frank Ocean. Lol - I said there's a 60% chance he would cancel week 2 and he already has, disgrace of a man didn't even mention the fans that spent thousands on flights, tickets and accommodation and didn't even say sorry. F*** Frank Ocean.
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I thought the worst that could happen was a 6/10 and it couldn't physically be possible to make a worse Indi film than the Crystal Skull. I was wrong. Not only is it just a stupid and bad, it's also far more boring. For an unforgivable lack of imagination, a dullness beyond belief, the worst ever...
Published 09/18/23
Published 09/18/23
What in tarnation is one time enfant terrible Ben Wheatley doing directing this!? (seriously, watch The Kill List or Sightseers). Happily, nearly everything is done better here than the lackluster first film, including a magnificent final third.
Published 09/18/23