Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) Movie Review
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I thought the worst that could happen was a 6/10 and it couldn't physically be possible to make a worse Indi film than the Crystal Skull. I was wrong. Not only is it just a stupid and bad, it's also far more boring. For an unforgivable lack of imagination, a dullness beyond belief, the worst ever on screen use of Mad Mikkelsen, an awful Phoebe Waller-Bridge character and nearly no sequence that either sticks in the memory or justifies it being one of the most expensive films of all time - a BIG FAT ZERO OUT OF TEN.
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Every single time I watch this Liam Neeson "actioner" my appreciation for it as a modern classic grows. For me it is the greatest film to examine the difference between toxic masculinity and positive masculinity, as a group of near awful or at least deeply broken men, all become better versions...
Published 11/25/23
I fully expected director, David Fincher's new film to be a stone cold Day of The Jackal look into the mind of an assassin. It isn't, its a far more rote and overdone revenge story, yet at the same time, the level of class every single aspect of its making possesses, the awards worthy performance...
Published 11/25/23
Published 11/25/23