Meg 2: The Trench (2023) Movie Review
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What in tarnation is one time enfant terrible Ben Wheatley doing directing this!? (seriously, watch The Kill List or Sightseers). Happily, nearly everything is done better here than the lackluster first film, including a magnificent final third.
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Every single time I watch this Liam Neeson "actioner" my appreciation for it as a modern classic grows. For me it is the greatest film to examine the difference between toxic masculinity and positive masculinity, as a group of near awful or at least deeply broken men, all become better versions...
Published 11/25/23
I fully expected director, David Fincher's new film to be a stone cold Day of The Jackal look into the mind of an assassin. It isn't, its a far more rote and overdone revenge story, yet at the same time, the level of class every single aspect of its making possesses, the awards worthy performance...
Published 11/25/23
Published 11/25/23