Civil War (2024) Film Review
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What should be the year's most important film, is its biggest let down. Director-writer Alex Garland, refuses point blank, to engage with anything at all happening in America today, and instead delivers yet another war correspondent film, and not a good one, that could have been filmed in any country, about any conflict in the last 50 years.
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With a show-stopping performance from Alisha Weir as a young kidnapped rich girl (>cough), an uneven yet ultimately welcome entry into a golden era for horror films, this deliberately at the schlockier end of the spectrum.
Published 06/29/24
Published 06/29/24
Despite having everything on paper - including strong reviews - this amiable farce is only half the film it could be, or needs to be. A waste of the talent and budget on display. It's too slight and surface level and the story too weak to be anything more than a forgettable once through. And I'm...
Published 06/29/24