The Callisto Protocol: Helix Station
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Percy is furious at Lennox—does he understand what he has unleashed? And are the demons from her past powerful enough to stop her from doing what needs to be done?
Published 12/01/22
Tensions are high between Percy and Prendergast, but he won’t waver—they must kill the parasites before leaving Helix Station. If they can find a way to detonate the reactor, they can destroy the entire station. But more surprises are in store...
Published 11/24/22
Percy, Juniper, and a seriously injured Prendergast flee from the alien monster that has spawned from one of their crew mates. To save the life of the prison guard she absolutely despises, Percy will have to sacrifice precious vials of the painblockers she uses to fend off the demons that plague...
Published 11/17/22