Ferrari's Greatest Road Cars — The Carmudgeon Show with Cammisa and Derek from ISSIMI Ep. 76
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On today’s episode, Jason and Derek are accompanied by a large pile of snacks to discuss the greatest Ferrari driving experiences of all time. Needless to say, all prancing horses have been FAR from created equal. Discussion revolves mostly around the F50, which surprises Derek in its accessibility after some recent seat time with reserved expectations. Jason follows up with his experience in the 288 GTO, which was nearly perfect- high praise, given Jason’s general disinterest in turbocharged power plants. In reality, the greatest road-going Ferraris are the ones that actually be used on the road- cars that were developed during a time when speed limits were gradually being raised, rather than docked while the bar of modern performance surpassed achievable road-going limits. This brings into question cars like the 812 Superfast and LaFerrari that Jason and Derek argue are wonderful feats of engineering but simply too fast for enjoyable road use. What even is the last great Ferrari that won’t throw you into a guard rail? Or is the ability to light up the rears in third all the fun? Tune in, and perhaps you’ll find out. All this and more, brought to you by the Hagerty Podcast Network.
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