We at Porsche (stay in business by consulting) — The Carmudgeon Show — Ep. 47
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First off, BIG NEWS! The Carmudgeon Show is getting its own channel thanks to the Hagerty Podcast Network. Visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCik2... to subscribe to the new channel. Now back to the last episode from ISSIMI. Who are Porsche’s customers? Old white guys who drive 911s? Yes. Soccer moms who drive Macans and Cayennes? Absolutely. Airbus? Also yes. Harley-Davidson? You bet. Volvo? Definitely. Lada? You guessed it. From almost the beginning, Porsche has been a company that does engineering work for hire. It keep excess engineering capacity busy which helps keep the lights on too. It also has made for some interesting collaborations, some of which are well-known, others are thoroughly obscure. In this episode, Jason Cammisa and Derek Tam-Scott discuss a number of these, ranging from the well-known like the Mercedes-Benz 500E and Audi RS2, to “under what rock did you look to find this?” like Linde forklifts, Airbus airliner cockpits, or the Lada Samara, the replacement of the 1200 which has been immortalized in Russian dashcam videos. So next time you accuse Porsche of selling out, check and make sure that they haven’t already designed a similar apparatus for someone else before, because chances are they probably have. Follow Us on Instagram: ISSIMI: https://www.instagram.com/issimiofficial Derek: https://www.instagram.com/dtamscott Jason: https://www.instagram.com/jasoncamissa View Our Current Inventory: https://www.issimi.com Support the show (http://www.issimi.com)
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