How the water inside of your body influences every aspect of your health with Dr. Catherine Clinton
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How does the water inside of your body cause or prevent disease? Dr. Catherine Clinton joins me to talk all about structured water - hydration - dehydration & the work at Dr. Gerald Pollack's lab that is in danger of going away!   Support Dr. Pollack’s lab -  Fertility Course with Carrie Bennett -  My hydration course -  Today’s show is brought to you by Upgraded Formulas - - Get your HTMA with Upgraded Formulas - use my code YOGI12 or YOGI for a discount! -  My previous episode with Dr. Clinton -  Sign up for my newsletter to get special offers in the future! -  Check out all my courses to understand how to improve your mitochondrial health & experience long lasting health!  Get my resource guide for all my favorite quantum health products with discounts as well as 7 pages of scientific studies to understand how light intricately effects our health - RESOURCE GUIDE LINK - ____________________________________________  This podcast is not medical advice 
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