Rolling Stone's Mega-Lame Hitpiece with James O'Keefe and Rich Baris
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Did you know that RADICAL Christian Charlie Kirk and his pastor thinks Jesus Christ will return to Earth to rule the world one day? Chances are you do, but Rolling Stone has a comical article treating this as big news. Charlie reacts, and also talks to Rich Baris about the state of the 2024 primary with DeSantis's official entry into the race. Plus, James O'Keefe became a conservative legend building Project Veritas from scratch. Now, in a matter of months, O'Keefe has built his new venture, O'Keefe Media Group, into a force of its own. He joins Charlie to talk about his plans for decentralized investigative journalism, where any conservative with a microphone can break a national scoop. Support the show: See for privacy information.
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