The Billion-Dollar Primary + 3 Years Since Floydapalooza
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The long run-up is over and the 2024 primary has now truly begun in earnest. Charlie walks through each of the GOP candidates, the money they are receiving, and how the powerful tribal loyalty enjoyed by Trump could negatively effect the careers of his foes.  Then, he looks at the state of America three years since the death of George Floyd, and how nobody has suffered more from BLM than the black lives that it pretended to be saving. Support the show: See for privacy information.
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Published 09/23/23
In this latest THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Andrew Kolvet, and Blake Neff, the gang explores crucial questions like:   -Did Ukraine just fire its creepy tranny propagandist because of Charlie? -Is Russell Brand going to survive one of the most aggressive...
Published 09/23/23
Nobody did more to make Ray Epps a national name than Darren Beattie of Revolver News. So, what does Darren think of the DOJ suddenly bringing a flimsy misdemeanor against Epps two and a half years after J6? And what does he make of Merrick Garland's continued evasions about both Epps and the...
Published 09/22/23