How to Heal From Your Past with Dr. Nicole LePera
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Have you ever felt that who you thought you were doesn't align with who you actually are? If so, you're not alone. Whether it by cultural conditioning or childhood trauma, it's not hard to see how our inner voice can get lost in the noise. Enter Dr. Nicole LePera. Nicole is a Holistic Psychologist and Content Creator works to help us learn to heal trauma and consciously recreate ourselves. Nicole discovered holistic psychology while on a path to figure out why she felt empty and began to use her learning to help others in her practice.  In this conversation we dig into how to identify patterns that don’t serve you, how to create a safe space where you actualize new choices, and the importance of consistently practicing deep belly breaths to balance your nervous system.  We also get into: [3:58] The conditioning that keeps us from accessing the state of consciousness that allows us to be creative. [11:37] The meaning of self-healing – understand why you’re stuck, create choice, and become empowered to live life. [16:14] The importance of including the body when working with the conscious mind. Why Nicole is advocating for a more comprehensive approach that honors the whole human experience in psychology. [25:54] Epigenetics – memories passed down genetically and how to choose to create new experiences from our generational patterns. [29:10] Learn how to be fully present to what is happening [38:09] Understanding trauma – how early trauma drives us to suppress parts of ourselves. Identifying patterns that don’t serve us in adulthood and creating the space to begin actualizing new choices. [42:42] How the pandemic is making us feel disempowered and out of control. Why this is the time to be conscious of ourselves and find a safe space within or with a community during the pandemic. [54:18] The importance of consistent breath-work. Teach yourself how to be in your body to inhibit a peaceful body that can handle stress over time. [1:06:17] How to cultivate compassion for yourself to heal your past traumas. Learn to practice this as a process and not sit in the judgment of how you attempted to survive for so long.  And so much more. Enjoy! Have a question? Text me 1-206-309-5177
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