The Wrong Train
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Ceri, Andy and Garry get together to chat about the last game before the international break as Chelsea host Everton at Stamford Bridge. Garry and Ceri also talk about their long term Chelsea podcast project which begins to drop this week with a two part interview with the one and only Ken Bates. The series is called The Blueprint: The Story of How Chelsea FC Changed the Face of Football Forever.  @chelseapodcast  Produced by Paul Myers and Mike Leigh  Engineered by Leon Gorman  A Playback Media Production  Copyright 2023 Playback Media Ltd - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Ceri, Andy and Garry get together for the last time to converse about the last week of the season as we finally head into summer. It’s time for everyone to have a break and relax!  @chelseapodcast  Produced by Paul Myers and Mike Leigh  Engineered by Leon Gorman  A Playback...
Published 05/29/23
Ceri and Andy are joined by Seb Fontaine as Garry has been sent to Rome for bad behaviour and is having to watch another Springsteen concert. They look back at the City game and look forward to the final two games of this endless season against Man Utd and...
Published 05/22/23
Ceri, Andy and Garry discuss the legacy of Matthew Harding as Garry and Ceri prepare to release the latest episodes of The Blueprint, entitled The Harding Tapes. Launches the 17th May. They also find time to cover off the Forest game and look ahead to Manchester...
Published 05/15/23