Ep. 70 (S4 Finale): Chess Openings & Using a "Forever" Repertoire (Ep. 1 Reboot)
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This week's episode is our Season 4 Finale. SEASON 5 COMING SOON!  This is an updated version of the very first episode of this podcast, "Chess Openings and the Club Player." We cover: The main goal of the opening System and thematic openingsIs there an advantage to having the white pieces?Should you play complicated, theoretical openings?The importance of a consistent opening repertoireNeal's personal opening choices Referenced: The London System in 12 Practical LessonsWin With the London System Play the London System Starting Out: The French Starting Out: The Nimzo-Indian Starting Out: The Queen’s Indian Master the Hedgehog Structure (article)If you have a question or topic idea for a future episode, e-mail us at [email protected]. Our links: WebsiteTwitterYouTubeFacebookE-mail: [email protected] Amazon links above are affiliate links which earn us a small commission on qualifying purchases. This helps support the podcast at no additional cost to you.
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Published 12/03/23
The Botvinnik System is a solid opening choice for White that is easy to learn. We also discuss system openings generally and how they can benefit club players with limited study time. **Errata: In the episode at (23:31), it should be 8. d3, not e3. Please refer to the .pgn...
Published 12/03/23
This week we take a deep dive into some of the most common thematic mistakes that club players make on a regular basis. Most of them have to do with misguided tournament strategies and mishandling your opponent, rather than a lack of chess theory. Chapters: (00:00) - Intro (04:08) - The 3 Most...
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