Fact: Should you ever get away to the gorgeous town of Qingdao, you might be amazed at how many people aren’t on the beach during the day. Tan is most certainly *not* the new black here (read: umbrellas held while cycling). So, in this podcast, learn how to ask for sunscreen, using Mandarin Chinese. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0203
Published 08/02/21
It’s hard to keep that poker face when you face your Mandarin speaking opponents, tongue-tied. So, before you sit down to a card game, listen to this podcast on playing cards. Learn to invite some pals to put their money where their mouths are…in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0304
Published 07/30/21
We don’t allow ugly (on the inside) people to listen (work here, yes, but not listen), so of course, when you come here to visit us, you will end up being asked out (not the other way around, of course). So, despite us never having done this on the first date before, in this podcast we’ll forgo all usual standards and give you a Mandarin Chinese lesson on the romantic meet-up. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0197
Published 07/28/21
If it’s not obvious already -- we’re nerds. Nerdy enough to spend far too much money on a sound effects CD. So simply bear with us in this podcast as we listen to a door and teach you the exciting actions relating to the comings and goings through a door, in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0301
Published 07/26/21
In a land of Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam – and now Christianity – a quick sermon on how to identify your own religion might help. In this podcast you will learn how to ask about someone’s religion, and also to talk about going to church, using Mandarin Chinese. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0192
Published 07/24/21
You might find yourself chuckling so loud at the “No Drunkards or Psychos” rule in the back of Shanghai taxis that you forget to tell the driver where to stop. So how can you? It has something do with listening to (another) brilliant lesson by ChinesePod. That’s us. In this podcast take your taxi driver Mandarin Chinese banter to the next level. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0290
Published 07/23/21
A few things you can’t live without upon arriving: 1. Toilet paper (oh – you laugh now, but trust us) 2. ChinesePod 3. A mobile phone …now, we hope the first two are self-explanatory, and about the 3rd – it’s all pay-as-you-go, so in this podcast we tender a lesson in Mandarin Chinese on “topping up” that phone. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0189
Published 07/22/21
When it’s snowing out and finally realize that the reason there is no thermostat in your apartment is because there is actually no central heating, you’re gonna want to be able to find the words to whine about it. In this podcast, learn how to talk about being cold, in Mandarin Chinese—a subject that will come up often (that is when you’re not whining about being too hot). Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0286
Published 07/16/21
Granted, even we can’t say “pipa” without giggling, and still feel the need to grab the “erhu” and do a scissor kick, but it won’t stop us from sitting Jenny down in this podcast and finding out why she doesn’t play the “gangqin”…all in the name of a Mandarin Chinese lesson on instruments. ChinesePod: the CBGB of podcasts. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0183
Published 07/14/21
A man writes these intros. He doesn’t have a “special time” each month. He also realizes that being funny about needing feminine products isn’t funny. So he’ll simply say, “Here’s a Mandarin Chinese lesson on buying tampons.” He now feels uncomfortable. But hopes you find this podcast useful. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0281
Published 07/12/21
Yes, using ChinesePod makes learning Mandarin a walk in the park – thank you. But this lesson is actually about walking in the park--not the in the metaphorical sense… ugh. Let’s make this easy for both of us: Here is a lesson on “Walking in the Park.” In this podcast you’ll learn to talk in Mandarin Chinese about things that people like you like to do in parks. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0178
Published 07/09/21
You know (from watching Tom Hanks save the world again) that lemon or milk depends on the brew, but would you be able to order a proper cup of PG Tips in Mandarin? Let’s hope so…no, wait, instead of hoping, in this podcast let’s give you a Mandarin Chinese lesson on black and green tea, for your drinking pleasure. Whhhhooooooooeeeeeeeeee!!! (That was supposed to be a kettle sound effect). Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0277
Published 07/07/21
Surely you never thought that having change could be so important. However, when you pull out one of the “hundred dollar bills” (not as much as it sounds), you just may be leaving without anything. In this podcast, you’ll learn how make sure you’ll be able to use your Mandarin Chinese to get all of your coin back… plus, we finally find out *why* Jenny loves chocolate so! Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0177
Published 07/05/21
They’re handed out for any and every reason…but what do you say? “Thanks” might seem a little bland, but then again, “WOW! You’ve such fine taste in paper!” might be a bit over the top. So then what? Better find out--you’ll be doing it about 12 times a day. In this podcast, learn to do the ol’ card exchange, in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0272
Published 07/02/21
A big house full of needles, beds with restraints and gloves that are lubed for a reason and you still think “winging it” at the hospital will get you by? For those less confident, it’s Dr. Ken and Nurse Jenny to the rescue, in a Mandarin Chinese lesson on visiting the man who didn’t attend eight years of medical school to be called “xiansheng”. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0170
Published 06/30/21
Fact: no matter how prepared you are for it; you will take that piece of chicken and bite down hard. Fact: most chicken here comes still on the bone, no matter the size Fact: the face you make upon losing a molar will look like you don’t enjoy the meal Fact: we want you to make friends, not offend them. Fact: learning how to say “ouch” will help. In this podcast, learn how to express pain in Mandarin Chinese, as well as deal with the toothache aftermath of the episode with the chicken bone....
Published 06/28/21
Hard as it is to believe, as we look out our window to people doing tai chi in pajamas and 6:00am ballroom dancing with perfect hair--there might be a few “dullards” in your life. In this far from boring podcast, we liven things up a bit and help you to talk about someone boring, using Mandarin Chinese. You’ll never be bored again. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0167
Published 06/25/21
Although we don’t foresee you—after being force-fed fruit an hour after a 14-dish meal (on those cool tables that spin around)—suffering from “hunger pains,” there might be a chance that your Chinese pal will say this to you…all the time. So, in this podcast, learn to talk about being hungry (or not), in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0257
Published 06/23/21
Explaining in another language that you “have your father’s eyes” is dangerous, seeing as a simple grammatical mistake could mean you actually took them from him…which won’t get you invited to stay in anyone’s home. We don’t want things to be hazardous for you--thus the lesson. Learn how to talk about which parent a baby looks like…however, any comments about us having our mother’s hips will result in a beating. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0164
Published 06/21/21
No, it’s not the Proclaimer’s one hit – nor is it Tinky Winky’s (too controversial, even for our Saturday Show) tune – but we do have an ole melody from yesteryear that tikes learn. We’re working on another…a little ChinesePod tune: We love you You love us Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0253
Published 06/18/21
Few things in life are certain: 1. Life 2. Death 3. A non-English speaking barber might struggle in getting that “feathered” look you’re after So, it’s John and Jenny to the rescue, in the wind-blown form of a lesson on “getting a do”. In this podcast learn how to communicate some essentials to your friendly neighborhood barber cutting right there on the sidewalk in Mandarin Chinese. ChinesePod--not afraid to wear ours up, and away from the face. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0161
Published 06/16/21
We don’t know if you heard but, (if not—were you on Mars?) Beijing’s got the Olympics here in 2008. So we thought we’d make sure you can hold your own in a conversation with a Beijingerrrr (those “r’s” will make sense when you come)—or anyone, for that matter—about all the excitement. In this podcast we teach you Olympic terms in Mandarin Chinese…and if you’re lucky, Jenny will be honest about her “shot-put” background. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0247
Published 06/14/21
In Chinese, you often encounter single characters that have multiple related meanings. This has the potential to confuse learners because sometimes it is hard to make connections between component characters and their meanings within multiple-character words. That's why we created this Character Mind Map series, where we focus on characters and the words they make up.Today, we're talking about 蛋 and all the interesting words using this character. Let's check them out! Episode link:...
Published 06/11/21
Now you’ve used your Mandarin skills to find the hotel, check-in, order in some room service—but wait! There is something essential you forgot to learn how to say. In this podcast, we aid you in making a phone call to the front desk to ask for some essential items, in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0242
Published 06/09/21
In our previous newbie tone change series, we have introduced the tone change rules for 不, 一, two third tones, and three third tones. Just like many other aspects in the Chinese language, tone changes are more nuanced than the rules you see in textbooks. That's why for the elementary tone change series, we decided that we would reinforce the rules with the help of dialogues that you hear in everyday conversations. Practice and familiarize yourselves with the sounds, and you'll be a tone...
Published 06/07/21