Newbie | The Olympics
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We don’t know if you heard but, (if not—were you on Mars?) Beijing’s got the Olympics here in 2008. So we thought we’d make sure you can hold your own in a conversation with a Beijingerrrr (those “r’s” will make sense when you come)—or anyone, for that matter—about all the excitement. In this podcast we teach you Olympic terms in Mandarin Chinese…and if you’re lucky, Jenny will be honest about her “shot-put” background. Episode link:
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It’s hard to keep that poker face when you face your Mandarin speaking opponents, tongue-tied. So, before you sit down to a card game, listen to this podcast on playing cards. Learn to invite some pals to put their money where their mouths are…in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:...
Published 07/30/21
We don’t allow ugly (on the inside) people to listen (work here, yes, but not listen), so of course, when you come here to visit us, you will end up being asked out (not the other way around, of course). So, despite us never having done this on the first date before, in this podcast we’ll forgo...
Published 07/28/21
If it’s not obvious already -- we’re nerds. Nerdy enough to spend far too much money on a sound effects CD. So simply bear with us in this podcast as we listen to a door and teach you the exciting actions relating to the comings and goings through a door, in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:...
Published 07/26/21