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Few things in life are certain: 1. Life 2. Death 3. A non-English speaking barber might struggle in getting that “feathered” look you’re after So, it’s John and Jenny to the rescue, in the wind-blown form of a lesson on “getting a do”. In this podcast learn how to communicate some essentials to your friendly neighborhood barber cutting right there on the sidewalk in Mandarin Chinese. ChinesePod--not afraid to wear ours up, and away from the face. Episode link: https://www.chinesepod.com/0161
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If it’s not obvious already -- we’re nerds. Nerdy enough to spend far too much money on a sound effects CD. So simply bear with us in this podcast as we listen to a door and teach you the exciting actions relating to the comings and goings through a door, in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:...
Published 07/26/21
In a land of Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam – and now Christianity – a quick sermon on how to identify your own religion might help. In this podcast you will learn how to ask about someone’s religion, and also to talk about going to church, using Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:...
Published 07/24/21
You might find yourself chuckling so loud at the “No Drunkards or Psychos” rule in the back of Shanghai taxis that you forget to tell the driver where to stop. So how can you? It has something do with listening to (another) brilliant lesson by ChinesePod. That’s us. In this podcast take your taxi...
Published 07/23/21