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Hello K-Drama Freaks, We are here to spread our love for K-Drama to everyone out there and double your craziness with our funky Podcast. Tune in to hear our take on some of our All Time Favorite Dramas. What are you waiting for? Come On!! Let us all "Dive into an Amazing K-World". -Forever Freaks  Shweta & Deepika
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Anyeong Chingus, Welcome to the first episode of The Chingus Talk.  Listen to this conversation to know more about our fellow guest @KFangiirl all the way from Canada.  Listen as we talk about Drea's obsession with Lee Dong Wook and her take on dramas released this year.  Also, follow us on...
Published 10/21/22
Published 10/21/22
Guess who is BACK!!!! You got it right! The Chingu's Talk is back with another exciting season. Listen to the teaser for more details. Also follow us on our Insta handle @the_chingus_talk for further updates. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/k-podcastingg/message
Published 10/18/22