Security vs. Operations – Balancing the Risk - Ross Leo - CSP #114
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The role of CISO is one filled with challenges and decisions. Frequently, a CISO is faced with having to decide in compromise with Operations, in favor of Operations. This can be a very difficult and risky choice to make - but the ideal of having both get 100% of what they want, or need is not realistic. How to do this? In this session, we discuss how to analyze both POV, both sets of requirements and issues and reach optimal decisions that, hopefully, achieves a balance between these without amplifying risk. Visit for all the latest episodes!  Follow us on Twitter:  Follow us on LinkedIn:  Visit for all the latest episodes!   Show Notes:
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CISOs want to enable the business. But sometimes we must stand our ground and explain our position with rationale. So, how do we convince other people to act without telling their baby is ugly? Join us, as we discuss having difficult conversations.   Visit for all...
Published 05/30/23
The CISO who can speak to the financial implications of cyber risk will be able to successfully work amongst the C-suite and in the board room to prioritize and address cyber initiatives. Building a view of the financial implications of those risks based on real data enhances not only the CISO’s...
Published 05/23/23
Published 05/23/23