Using Data to Estimate Cyber Risk Financial Implications - Paul Sand - CSP #123
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The CISO who can speak to the financial implications of cyber risk will be able to successfully work amongst the C-suite and in the board room to prioritize and address cyber initiatives. Building a view of the financial implications of those risks based on real data enhances not only the CISO’s decision-making ability but also the CISO’s credibility with stakeholders. Join us as we take a look at how industry and enterprise data sources can be leveraged to build a view of the financial implications of cyber risk to set the stage for making quality decisions.   Visit for all the latest episodes! Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on LinkedIn:   Show Notes: 
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Published 09/26/23
In the Fall, 2016, Uber experienced a data breach, and the CISO faced the possibility of prison time for felony obstruction and misprison for failure to report the 2016 breach. He was sentenced in May, 2023 to 3 years’ probation. Join the former CISO of Uber as we discuss the events which led to...
Published 09/26/23
MidCap enterprise security is challenge – SMB’s have all the needs of a large enterprise, but not the same large budget or army of defenders. We are also a "sweet spot" target for cybercriminals -- you have enough money to be worth some real effort, but again not a large army of defenders. ...
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