We revisit our forecasts from three months ago and respond to readers’ feedback about the season
Published 07/04/16
Published 07/04/16
As the chess pieces are set up for the final act, the players of the Game of Thrones use chaos to get their revenge
Published 06/27/16
In The Battle of the Bastards, fighting has exploded across two continents – so are the tactics genuine and is the violence authentic?
Published 06/20/16
What can Game of Thrones tell us about how we discuss politics?
Published 06/13/16
The Broken Man was an episode in which many characters – including Theon, Cersei, the Hound and Sansa – dealt with trauma
Published 06/06/16
As our characters start to take on their likely final forms for the story, we see them all checking back in with their families in Blood of my Blood
Published 05/30/16
This week we examine the grey areas of Stark privilege and whether Pyke can live up to its ship building bravado
Published 05/23/16
Daenerys is fighting with fire, but what compromises must be made to keep the peace?
Published 05/16/16
With the aftermath of Jon Snow’s return sending shockwaves across The Wall, our hosts examine what really makes a villain
Published 05/09/16
Young family members are seizing power up and down the continent, but does anyone have a strategy to rule the Seven Kingdoms?
Published 05/02/16
With two coups on either end of Westeros, our hosts examine whether Alliser Thorne or Ellaria Sand will be able to wield power now they’ve grabbed it
Published 04/26/16
In the first episode of the Guardian’s newest podcast, Spencer Ackerman and Laura Hudson tackle the conflicts, schemes and themes on Game of Thrones Don’t miss an episode – subscribe on iTunes
Published 04/22/16