Americans Willing to Ante Up to Fight Climate Change, Hydrogen-Powered Train Debuts in Scotland, Climate Champions—Rattan Lal and the Pedosphere
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Americans willing to pay extra if it helps fight climate change, plus first hydrogen-powered train debuts in Scotland. Bonus! Meet climate champions—Rattan Lal and the Pedosphere!
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Published 01/19/22
EPA announces April deadline for coal ash pond cleanup, plus meet climate change artist, Lee Mokobe. The Caribbean Tree Planting Project surpasses its goals, and climate change wetlands champion, Iraq’s Azzam Alwash.
Published 01/19/22
Meet climate change artist, Hula, plus Kenya’s International Tree Foundation celebrates a century of service. Pahiki Eco-Caskets, and Dandelion Geothermal Energy Co.
Published 01/18/22