Episode 267: RLR – Appetizer and Main Dish
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Reza and Rabih discuss a fascinating case of AMS, infection and polyuria. rlrCPSOLVERS.COM  RLR have transitioned from Patreon to have their website rlrCPSolvers.com. Check out this virtual classroom full of bonus schemas, illness scripts, teaching videos and case challenges Get a personalized clinical reasoning curriculum to take your skills to the next level AND support… Read More »Episode 267: RLR – Appetizer and Main Dish
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Sharmin & Kaylin are joined by María Jimena Alemán, CPSolvers co-director of internal operations & future neurologist with a passion for global health. They discuss how her upbringing has informed & shaped her passions & values, how she got involved with CPSolvers, the growth that...
Published 09/21/23
Published 09/21/23
Episode description Reza and Rabih discuss a curious case of Anasarca   Student discount https://www.rlrcpsolvers.com/student-discounts/   IMG discount Use coupon code RLRIMG at check out  https://rlrcpsolvers.com/annual-plan
Published 09/13/23