Episode 270: RLR – “I can’t breathe”
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Reza and Rabih discuss a tricky case of acute severe dyspnea Episode is sponsored by Glass Health – the best digital notebook for clinicians. @GlassHealthHQ rlrCPSOLVERS.COM Use the coupon code RLRHOLIDAYS for 30% discount of the annual plan Rlrcpsolvers.com/annual-plan/
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Sharmin & Kaylin are joined by María Jimena Alemán, CPSolvers co-director of internal operations & future neurologist with a passion for global health. They discuss how her upbringing has informed & shaped her passions & values, how she got involved with CPSolvers, the growth that...
Published 09/21/23
Published 09/21/23
Episode description Reza and Rabih discuss a curious case of Anasarca   Student discount https://www.rlrcpsolvers.com/student-discounts/   IMG discount Use coupon code RLRIMG at check out  https://rlrcpsolvers.com/annual-plan
Published 09/13/23