Episode 302 – RLR – Anasarca
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Episode description Reza and Rabih discuss a curious case of Anasarca   Student discount https://www.rlrcpsolvers.com/student-discounts/   IMG discount Use coupon code RLRIMG at check out  https://rlrcpsolvers.com/annual-plan
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Episode title: Episode 312: Neurology VMR – Frequent stumbling Episode description: We continue our campaign to #EndNeurophobia, with the help of Dr. Aaron Berkowitz. This time, Valeria presents a case of frequent stumbling to Nilayan and Subhangi. Neurology DDx Schema Valeria Roldan Valeria is a...
Published 11/29/23
Published 11/29/23
  Episode description: The spaced learning series team discusses a case of severe hypercalcemia, seizure, and vision loss. Featuring: Simone VaisMoses MurdockValeria Roldan SchemasHypercalcemia  Download CPSolvers App here RLRCPSOLVERS
Published 11/21/23