The Success Series: Episode 1 - Financial Freedom
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Here at The Coaches Network ( ) the vision is to add value to the world by helping people to network, learn, grow and inspire one another. Your used to seeing this happen through a range conversations involving people in the athlete and talent development space. But now now Coach Yas ( ) will be delving more into the personal development space and will be joined by a good friend in Jazz Rose ( ) to do just that. Today’s episode was actually recorded back in February, when I connected with Jazz ( ) discuss financial freedom so something slightly different to what you’re used to here but some real gems as always and we enjoyed this episode so much we decided to start a whole new series. So this is officially the debut episode as part of the newly developed ‘Success Series’ on The Coaches Network Podcast ( ). Yas ( ) and Jazz ( ) will be dropping new episodes every single Wednesday so join us on this journey. In today’s episode we’ll be discussing the concept of Financial Freedom, what it is? And What it takes to achieve it? On a side note we weren’t too sure what day we’d release it or to call it so you may hear or see it be referred to a couple different names in the initial episodes but that doesn’t take away from the phenomenal conversations that are being had. So join us on this journey guys, let us know what you think & make sure you’re following both of us on social media and I encourage all of you listening to this to be part of our live episode recordings which will take a place every Wednesday morning 7.15am GMT LIVE on Instagram ( ). Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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