Richard Pybus - The Foundation of Performance is Mental
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Richard Pybus 3 x World Cup Winning Performance Director. Leadership, Executive and Performance Coach A one-of-a-kind coach and performance director, widely respected for exceptional achievement over more than three decades of operating at the highest level of professional sport. Richard is a multiple championship-winning coach and world cup-winning performance director, he is highly regarded for leadership, team building and strategy. His consulting firm Optimal Performance applies the lessons of success from professional sport to developing elite performance for individuals and teams.  He has an honours degree in cultural studies, majoring in literature, history, media, film and communications and a post-grad in education focusing on media studies and communication. He is a certified executive and life coach with the Neuroleadership Institute (Results Coaching Systems). He has set multiple South African coaching records, winning nine championships with the Titans and Cape Cobras over six years. He coached the Titans and the Cobras cricket franchises to the championship ‘double’ three times, over three consecutive seasons. His first book, Optimal Performance is on Amazon here. His career has taken him across the globe coaching, consulting and designing high-performance systems. He has coached across multiple fields of human performance, from corporate excellence to high-performance sport, including tennis, squash, rugby, surfing, hockey, and cricket.   We chat about… Richards journey into his understanding of the mental game. Imagination can be a tool to create in our mind what we want to achieve. Belief is a thought and what is important is not what we think, but that we think. Mindfulness, meditation in bringing peace and focusing attention.   Official supporters of the podcast   How can you support the podcast? Feel free to support the podcast in any of the following ways… By sharing this episode with others. By sharing this episode on social media.  By leaving a review on the platform you are listening in on. By visiting and clicking on the podcast link.   Connect with Richard W:   Connect with Jody Social: @realjodymartins W: E: [email protected]
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