Breaking Up With Old Holiday Habits 🎄
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Do you ALWAYS do the same thing every year for the holidays?  Do you go to events you don’t want to go to?  Do you feel STRESSED out by the whole festive season?  I get it, there are too many presents to buy, too much food to cook, too many invitations and parties and events to go to. It’s a lot.  In this episode, I invite you to think a little differently about what CHOICES you are making this holiday season.  AND, what might the end of this year look like if you made a different choice?  I cover:  Why we are doing something completely different this year How to actively CHOOSE how your end of year and the start of 2023 looks An invitation to do things differently this holiday time…… and so much more  WHERE TO CONNECT WITH ME: Come say hello on Instagram!  @thequeenofconfidenceCheck out the Website hereRESOURCES Download your Creating Confidence Cheat Sheet here
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