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What kind of relationships are you attracting in your life?  As humans your thoughts and feelings are magnetic and you literally draw people into your life, so if you’re feeling as though you are continuing to date the same guy, or attract the same toxic friendships that aren’t serving you - this episode and module will change your life.  We spend two months on Relationships within Sistahood because it is SUCH an important topic.  In this episode you’ll hear:  Why you CONTINUE to attract the same relationships over and over again (and how to change this!) How to break away from Self Sabotaging the ‘RIGHT’ relationships Steps to find out what your top values are and how to live in alignment … and so much more!  This episode is a TINY glimpse into just one of the 6 modules that are accompanied by live coaching calls, events, masterclasses and a global community of like minded Sistas who have your back and SO much more.  There has never been a better time to work on yourself than now, if you got any value from the podcast and want to work with me to change your life - click on the link below.  JOIN THE HOOD 👇🏽 Ready to put yourself first and work on YOU - 
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