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You might be thinking WHY would there be a module on Money & Manifesting in the Sistahood?  If you haven’t gathered already this entire coaching program is not about confidence, it’s about the things in your life that may or may not get in the way so you can have results in every part of your life.  Money and Manifesting is KEY because YOU can create whatever it is YOU believe you can.  In this episode you’ll hear:  Why identifying your money stories will change your life An exercise that will give you CLARITY any time you are struggling with money The ONE THING you need to do to create your dream life … and so much more!  This episode is a TINY glimpse into just one of the 6 modules that are accompanied by live coaching calls, events, masterclasses and a global community of like minded Sistas who have your back and SO much more.  There has never been a better time to work on yourself than now, if you got any value from the podcast and want to work with me to change your life - click on the link below.  JOIN THE HOOD 👇🏽 Ready to put yourself first and work on YOU - 
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Published 03/13/23