Dealing with "Toxic" Family Members
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How do you deal with toxic people when they are in your family and you can't get away from them? This weeks episode was a request from listener Belinda and we are going to chat about what to do when your out at a family event and perhaps your cousin is negative as hell, or your uncle is being creepy or annoying, or it could even be your parent who gets all up in your business.  You can't choose your family but you can choose whether you want to have relationships with these people and you can set strong boundaries that protect you.  Now if that sounds terrifying, I got you - this episode gives you step by step instructions on how you can navigate these scenarios, respectfully set boundaries and uphold them.  In this episode you’ll learn:  How can we speak up on the things that don’t ALIGN with our valuesPractices to tune into your INTUITION when boundaries are being crossed What leaky ENERGY is and how to preserve itHow to BOW OUT of conversations that are draining you … and so much more! Are you ready to put YOURSELF first and work on YOU to make shit happen in your life - Join the Sistahood If you want to request an episode head to
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