Do We Really Care About Nurses?
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In this special episode of The Cost of Care, host David Smith shines a light on how the nation is driving a national shortage of nursing professionals, hearing from frontline, retired, and nurse educators and advocates. He'll take listeners through the nursing landscape pre-pandemic, how COVID-19 fueled the crisis, and what the future portends without meaningful intervention. Sponsored by As the trusted career resource built by and for nurses, fosters the largest online community of nurses, connecting with nearly 3 million nurses per month. serves nurses with lifelong career support through accredited continuing education, job opportunities, and a thriving community that supports their passion for the profession and empowers them to flourish. This podcast is sponsored by If you’re a fan of this podcast, then you’ll love the new show, NurseDot Podcast. It’s a weekly podcast focused on providing nurses with validation, resources, and hope, one episode at a time. Cara Lunsford, RN and CPHON, leads this 16-week series, bringing in a new guest every episode. Together, they cover everything from caring while grieving, to safe staffing, to becoming a nurse influencer, and beyond. Listen to NurseDot Podcast wherever you find your podcasts. conducted extensive, unbiased research to create a free salary research report. Download the free report today at Get the salary you're worth. Get the salary you deserve. See for privacy information.
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