Special guests: Helen Samuels, International Director at Eko-Habitat, and Modern Elder who bridges cultures in the Americas (www.paralleltravels.com); and Dr. Sarah Larsen, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine, and Co-Founder of MiracleMakers Academy (www.drsarahlarsen.com). You are invited on a cultural journey into the heart of Mexico as a guest of the traditional elders!! Such a wonderful show!!!
Published 11/23/21
Special guest: Dr. Edward Tick, poet, psychotherapist, international activist, and journey leader (www.mentorthesoul.guide). Dr. Tick has been seeking the most powerful healing practices to address the invisible wounds of war for over 40 years; and has led journeys to Vietnam for veterans, survivors, activists, and pilgrims for the past 20 years. COMING HOME IN VIET NAM is a moving and revelatory collection that documents the people, places, and experiences on these journeys. It...
Published 11/15/21
Special guest: Silvia Taziri, Model, Actress, and host of the sensational and internationally acclaimed Radio show, "Canciones De Domingo", which broadcasts on www.KUHSdenver.com! We discuss, among other things, how to stay true to ourselves in a very challenging and demanding world. A great show!!!!
Published 11/03/21
Special guest: Karin McWhorter, Director and Principal of Ascend College Prep, a newly approved high school for 11th and 12th graders in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area (www.ascendcollegeprep.com). From study habits and time management, service and leadership, Ascend College Prep prepares students for future challenges! A wonderful show!!!
Published 10/14/21
Special guest: Hannah Brown, High-Fashion Editorial Model from Colorado. Hannah's been featured in Denver Xposure magazine, 303magazine from Denver Fashion Week, and so much more! A great conversation, so much fun!!! Definitely worth a listen!
Published 09/21/21
Special guest: Gordon Sumner, PhD, President and CEO of Veterans Moving Forward, a nonprofit providing service and emotional support dogs to veterans at no cost (www.vetsfwd.org). We discuss the Military Order of the Purple Heart, 9/11, Afghanistan, and, of course, the amazing support service dogs give to our veterans with mental, emotional, or physical challenges. A wonderful show!!!
Published 09/21/21
Special guest: Tom Kilgannon, President, Freedom Alliance, a non-profit supporting military heroes and their families (www.freedomalliance.org). We discuss on this podcast Afghanistan, veterans, service, sacrifice, moral injury, and healing. Definitely worth a listen!
Published 08/25/21
Special guest: Elisa Robyn, PhD, Host of 'The Dr.Elisa Show' on KUHS Radio/TV Denver, and a brilliant Kabbalist Astrologer (www.elisarobyn.com). An amazing show!!!
Published 08/25/21
Special guests: Kristy Kaufmann, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Code of Support Foundation (COSF); and Alan Salisbury, Major General (retired), Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of COSF (www.codeofsupport.org). COSF changes lives by connecting military, veterans, caregivers, and families to the support they have earned through their service and sacrifice. A fantastic show!!!
Published 08/03/21
Special guests: Tea Sea Senior, and the SCSN team, Journee Iyanna, and K-Reeve (www.scsnetworktv.com). The SCS Network provides a platform for creators by creators, and they are rockin' it! Check out this interview! It's awesome!!
Published 08/03/21
Special guest: Robert LeHeup, Founder and Executive Director of Bullets and Bandaids (www.bulletsandbandaids.org),a veteran non-profit whose mission is to bring about social cohesion between veterans and civilians through a collaborative art project. By blurring the line between these participants, we can underscore that we are all in this together, sharing our lives and humanity, regardless of our past experiences. A fantastic show!
Published 07/07/21
Special guest: Amy Bradley-Franck, Founder of Never Alone Advocacy (http://neveraloneadvocacy.org), a diverse group of Advocates, Survivors, Military Retirees, Therapists, Counselors, and Family Members whose mission is to stamp out abuse of power, and bring justice to the victims of military sexual assault and violence. A spectacular show!
Published 06/04/21
Special guests: Chalae Collard, Tifani Palcic Anderson, Valerie Renville, and Makayla Windholz, from Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch (www.gracefuloaksyouthranch.org). GOYR offers faith-based programs for mental health and wellness, personal development and growth, and programs that strengthen families. A fantastic show!!!
Published 05/18/21
Special guest: Dr. Edward Tick, author of 'War and the Soul' and 'Warrior's Return'; Director Emeritus of Soldier's Heart (www.edwardtick.com). A tremendous show!!!
Published 05/05/21
Special guest: Kimberlee Bow, Program Director, The Second Wind Fund (www.thesecondwindfund.org). The Second Wind Fund is focused on youth suicide prevention. An amazing organization working with our vulnerable, at risk youth populations here in Colorado.
Published 04/24/21
Special guest: Dr. Shauna 'Doc' Springer, is a best-selling author, frequently requested keynote speaker, and one of the world's leading experts on psychological trauma, military transition, suicide prevention, and close relationships. She is the author of 'WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us'. A wonderful show!!!
Published 04/06/21
Special guest: Mary Jo McConnell, Veteran in the US Army Nurse Corps, Actor, and Resilience Coach (www.maryjomcconnell.com). Mary Jo uses Shakespeare and science to help people move through their traumas by utilizing the De-Cruit Method. A great show!
Published 03/23/21
Special guest: Michael Gier, Director/Producer of Gier Productions, LLC. His film, 'Wounded Heroes,' is an incredibly moving and powerful documentary which was released on March 5th for wide public release on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and VUDU! The film follows his 3-year journey across the country to find alternative treatments and programs that can help anyone battling Post-Traumatic Stress get their lives back. This movie will save lives!!! Please share!! A wonderful show!
Published 03/09/21
Special guest: Chuck Blocher, Ph.D., Spiritual Guide/Spiritual Coach, and Air Force veteran. What does moral injury look like in those who've not been in combat, but may have been working on the annihilation of mankind? Or, working behind the scenes, or dropping bombs while sitting at a desk? This is what this show is about. So much wisdom, understanding, and insight shared. A really great show!!!
Published 02/25/21
There's nothing like listening to mom tell heartwarming stories to make you feel all is well. On this show of The Council, Charlie welcomes his mom, Adriana Capra Pacello, as she remembers life in Italy, trips with the family, and shares with us what love is!!! A wonderful show!!
Published 02/17/21
Reflections on my experiences with helping those in need and how this has changed me to be more open to see things from another perspective, and to learn what goodness is.
Published 02/17/21
Special guest: Linda Thai, Somatic and Trauma Therapist, adjunct faculty member in the Social Work Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and specializes in trauma-informed care and compassion fatigue resilience skills (www.linda-thai.com). In times of crisis and stress, learn some simple somatic techniques to calm your nervous system down and help you feel safe. A great show!!!
Published 12/22/20
Special guest: Natalie Ventimiglia, Artist and Founder of the Art Stands by Me Movement, using creativity to awaken creativity (www.natalieventimiglia.com). Natalie is on a mission to help others awaken from the illusion of separation through art. A wonderful show!!!
Published 12/15/20
Special guest: Jenna Capra, Owner, Editor, and Publisher of ANDIAMO! newspaper (www.andiamocolorado.com). When the opportunity to step up and take over for the paper arose in 2011, Jenna took the leap in hopes to continue the paper's legacy for the Italian American community in Colorado. Over 100 issues and nearly 10 years later, she is still as passionate as ever and determined to keep improving the publication for years to come.
Published 12/10/20