The Council with Charlie Pacello - Ep. 106 - Modern Rites, Rituals, and Ceremonies
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Special guests: Helen Samuels, International Director at Eko-Habitat, and Modern Elder who bridges cultures in the Americas (; and Dr. Sarah Larsen, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine, and Co-Founder of MiracleMakers Academy ( You are invited on a cultural journey into the heart of Mexico as a guest of the traditional elders!! Such a wonderful show!!!
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Special guest: Dr. Edward Tick, poet, psychotherapist, international activist, and journey leader ( Dr. Tick has been seeking the most powerful healing practices to address the invisible wounds of war for over 40 years; and has led journeys to Vietnam for veterans,...
Published 11/15/21
Special guest: Silvia Taziri, Model, Actress, and host of the sensational and internationally acclaimed Radio show, "Canciones De Domingo", which broadcasts on! We discuss, among other things, how to stay true to ourselves in a very challenging and demanding world. A great...
Published 11/03/21