156: Joining Through the Truth in RLT with Shane Birkel
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In this episode, Shane talks about what makes Relational Life Therapy different from many other models of Couples Therapy. One of the ways we create change in RLT is by joining through the truth.  In order to understand this in more depth, we have to understand the importance of acceptance of emotions and treating people with love, respect and warm regard, while at the same time taking on the bad behaviors that are ruining their relationships.
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A lot of times, when couples work with therapists who don't have good couples therapy training, they feel like it is hard to make any progress.  In this episode, Shane talks with certified Relational Life Therapist, Dr. Pam Staples about the importance of being direct in couples therapy. The...
Published 07/20/21
The episode this week is being sponsored by the Couples Therapist Inner Circle. In this episode, Liz Phillips gives an overview of Internal Family Systems (IFS), a therapy model that was developed by Dick Schwartz.  She also talks about Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) which is a model of...
Published 06/22/21
In this episode, Shane is joined by Dr. Rick Butts who is one of the founders of the Healing Our Core Issues Institute. This is based on the work of Pia Mellody and teaches therapists how to do Inner Child Work.  He goes into detail about the 4 pillars of Healing Our Core Issues as well as...
Published 05/07/21