This interview features Dr Caxton Opere from Northern Texas, who is a board certified specialist in emergency medicine and who has not only treated C19 patients but written 3 books about it, including one, very early on, in April 9 ==2020. The interview is far ranging and also involved two other doctors - Dr Bernstein from Canada and Dr Fareed from California. Also included, after the formal interview, is the testimonial of Marissa, who just received early treatment for COVID-19, and of her...
Published 07/18/21
This is a far reaching interview with Nick Hudson, who is the leader of PANDA, which stands for Pandemics Data & Analytics The interview covers a range of fundamental aspects of the pandemic, including lockdowns; masks; testing; early outpatient treatment & vaccines; the Great Barrington Declaration; information and censorship; trends towards technocratic centralization & responses such as populism to counter them; the live data available at pandata.org and the role of the...
Published 07/12/21
Xavier Azalbert, the Editor-in-Chief of the France-Soir online newspaper - https://www.francesoir.fr/ -, is one of the most attentive and knowledgeable observers of the response to the pandemic. In our interview, he comments on the policy response to the pandemic in France, in Europe & internationally. He also comments on COVID-19 politics and the campaign for the April 2022 French presidential elections.
Published 07/11/21
This interview is about natural immunity vs Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity and draws from the recently published article by Marc Girardot that you can access at this link: https://www.biznews.com/health/2021/06/28/covid-19-vaccine-immunity Marc Girardot is an experienced hi-tech leader, passionate about innovation and customer success with a rich and international experience in a wide variety of domains such as automotive, IT and biotech. He has experience in digitalisation, in...
Published 07/04/21
With over 20,000 consultations, MyFreeDoctor.com has become a leading telemedicine service for the early treatment of COVID-19 in the USA. Learn about how this initiative came to birth, how it evolved, and what are the plans Dr. Marble has for further expanding the initiative, nationally and possibly internationally.
Published 06/27/21
In this episode, Jean-Pierre Kiekens from covexit.com welcomes Dr Ira Bernstein from Ontario, Canada, to discuss the principle of informed consent and how it can be applied to early at home / outpatient treatment for C19, as a means to avoid severe disease, hospitalization or worse.
Published 06/20/21
The now internationally known Doctor Pierre Kory recounts his involvement in the COVID-19 crisis since early 2020 to this day. The interview is wide-ranging and covers outpatient and hospital treatment protocols, the use of corticosteroids and other medications, international developments with ivermectin, and how the treatment of COVID-19 may evolve. Note that we previously interviewed Prof. Joseph Varon and Prof. Paul Marik, also with the FLCCC. Note that we experienced audio issues for...
Published 06/18/21
We are pleased to present highlights of our webinar with Dr Darrell DeMello, who is one of these innovative medical doctors who has treated numerous COVID-19 patients and continuously improved his protocols. Dr Darrell DeMello has considerable experience with COVID-19. So far, he has treated some 6,000 COVID-19 patients and provided prophylaxis to many more family members. Note that only highlights of the webinar are presented here. Note also that the Internet connection with India, where...
Published 06/10/21
Dr Richard Urso is one of the most prominent frontline doctors of America, having been involved in the early treatment of covid since the very beginning of the pandemic.
Published 05/23/21
We are very honored to present this interview of Dr Vladimir Zelenko, the father of outpatient treatment for COVID-19 in North America. Dr Zelenko shares his own experience with COVID-19 as a patient, as he is recovering from a severe form of the disease. He also talks about his cancer and how he was able to go through this dramatic episode of his life. Then, he presents his perspectives about outpatient treatment as practiced today and the evolution of the pandemic, among other topics.
Published 05/08/21
This is the recording of our webinar with three distinguished medical doctors from South Africa, Canada and USA, about the practice of early outpatient treatment treatment for COVID-19. The doctors who gratefully offered their time for this session are: - Dr Shankara Chetty, who is a Family General Medical Practitioner in South-Africa. Dr Chetty has a considerable experience with the outpatient treatment of COVID-19, having treated so far some 4,000 patients. He holds a degree in medicine...
Published 05/05/21
This is an audio presentation by Dr Henry Early about Vitamin D in relation to COVID-19. Dr Henry Ealy is the Founder & Executive Community Director of the Energetic Health Institute. (www.EnergeticHealthInstitute.org). He is Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. He is interviewed here by your host JPK. Ira Bernstein, family and integrative medicine specialist also offers comments.
Published 04/18/21
While having developed a therapy for COVID-19, Doctor Borody is most famous for his ground-breaking work developing the triple therapy cure for peptic ulcers in 1971. In Australia alone, this therapy is estimated to have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and the health system more than $10 billion in medical care and operations. Doctor Borody founded the Centre for Digestive Diseases (CDD) in 1984 after a distinguished career with leading hospitals including St Vincent’s in Sydney and...
Published 09/10/20