#368 Back Pain Update with Dr. Austin Baraki
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A Rational Approach: Who to Image, How to Treat, and More! Back pain is one of the most common concerns our patients bring to us in the outpatient setting.  It’s a lot more complicated than rest, ice, and NSAIDs!  Fortunately, we have pain expert, strength coach, and academic internist Dr. Austin Baraki (Austin Baraki, MD (@AustinBaraki) / Twitter) to help us develop a comprehensive, patient centered approach to help our patients manage their pain and lead healthier lives. Take control of your patients’ back pain!  Claim free CME for this episode at curbsiders.vcuhealth.org! Episodes | Subscribe | Spotify | Swag! | Top Picks | Mailing List | [email protected] | Free CME! Show Segments Intro, disclaimer, guest bio Guest one-liner, Picks of the Week Case from Kashlak Introduction to Back Pain Eliciting the Patient’s Story Risk Stratification, Intro to Red Flags,  and and the STarT Back Tool  The Importance of Language and Patient-Centered Outcomes A Deeper Dive into Red Flags Setting Expectations for Care Therapeutics for Back Pain - Does anything work? The Exercise Prescription Credits Producers: Isabel Valdez, PA-C & Cyrus Askin, MD  Writer, Cover Art and Infographics:  Isabel Valdez, PA-C Show Notes: Cyrus Askin, MD Hosts: Matthew Watto MD, FACP;  Isabel Valdez, PA-C Reviewer: Molly Heublein, MD Showrunner: Matthew Watto MD, FACP Technical Production: PodPaste Guest: Austin Baraki, MD Sponsor: Grammarly  Go to grammarly.com/CURB to sign up for a free account! And when you’re ready to upgrade to Grammarly Premium, get 20% off. Full transcript HERE
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