#301 LIVE! Top Pearls 2021: A Rapid Fire Review of Systems
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Join us for this rapid fire review of systems featuring our top pearls and articles LIVE! from the TriService ACP conference. Matt and Paul serve up their favorite practice changing knowledge food on antibiotics, MRSA, hair loss, dementia, seizures, diabetes, medications for hypertension, foods for constipation, diverticulitis, colon cancer screening, colon polyps, chronic sinusitis, chronic cough, treatment of uterine bleeding, and more!  No CME for this episode, but check out curbsiders.vcuhealth.org for past CME offerings! Episodes | Subscribe | Spotify | Swag! | Top Picks | Mailing List | [email protected] | Free CME! Credits Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP    Cover Art: Sawyer Watto Editor: Matthew Watto MD (written materials); Clair Morgan of nodderly.com Sponsor: BetterHelp Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/curb.         Sponsor: ACP’s National Internal Medicine Day Help the American College of Physicians celebrate National Internal Medicine Day on October 28th. Visit https://www.acponline.org/NIMD2021 to learn how you can show your internal medicine pride. Be sure to tag @ACPInternists and use the hashtag #NationalInternalMedicineDay. CME Partner: VCU Health CE The Curbsiders are partnering with VCU Health Continuing Education to offer FREE continuing education credits for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Visit curbsiders.vcuhealth.org and search for this episode to claim credit.  Show Segments Intro, disclaimer ID: Shorter is better; MRSA swabs; Antibiotics for diverticulitis Endo: Prediabetes in older adults,  MSK: Knee OA, orthopedic surgery Derm: Alopecia Neuro: Seizures, dementia quick typing Cardio: Coffee and arrhythmias; Hypertension management, ACEi vs ARBs Respiratory: Chronic cough and sinusitis GI: CRC screening, foods for constipation GU: treatment of uterine bleeding Addiction Medicine: smoking cessation, buprenorphine Outro
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