Tips for Teaching as the Consultant: Sharing Pearls Left & Right with Drs. Jen Babik and Varun Phadke
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Join us as Drs. Jen Babik (@jen_babik) & Varun Phadke (@VarunPhadke2) discuss pearls on how to teach as a consultant.  We cover how to identify your learner’s level of knowledge and interest, where to teach effectively, and how to communicate with the primary team.  We dive into how to support primary teams asking consult questions and how to manage conflict between the primary and specialty teams. Website | Instagram | Twitter | Subscribe | Swag! | Top Picks | [email protected] | Free CME! Credits Producers/Hosts/Writers: Era Kryzhanovskaya MD / Molly Heublein MD Show notes: John Ong DO  CME: Molly Heublein MD Cover Art/Infographics: Charlotte Chaiklin MD Guest: Jennifer Babik MD/ Varun Phadke MD
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