How and Why Big Unacceptable Feelings are Channeled Through the Body
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The number one question I get is always around the brain and nervous system and WHY WHY WHY it somehow feels "safer" to be sick than to feel the darkest of our human emotions. Today we revisit an episode from the Summer Series '22 where we explore just that. We are more than willing to lament to friends that we are "annoyed", "bummed", or "freaked out." But we are less likely to talk about being enraged, grieving, or terrified. This is sometimes because we are embarrassed, but more likely because these feelings operate under the cover of darkness in our subconscious minds. The nervous system feels them though, and chronic illness is a response in the form of protection. So much to understand here, and repetition is key for learning. Let's revisit this important topic, together. Much love! xoxo n. Producer: Lisa Eisenpresser Come to Migraine Deep Dive Retreat! My Website: OMEGA IS LIVE! COME SPEND THE WEEK WITH US 6/25-6/30 Click here! Get 50% off the Curable App: Leave us a message on SpeakPipe! New podcast music by the beautiful and talented Danielle Furst. Find her here: Insta - @musicfurst and all her amazing music credits here - Past virtual retreats recordings available for sale now on my website: FREEDOM FROM CHRONIC PAIN course: FREEDOM FROM AN ANXIOUS LIFE course: Click here for all the details and to purchase! PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW THE PODCAST HERE TO HELP OTHERS FIND IT! If you are interested in supporting the many free resources I offer to get this message to the global community, please consider donating to my cause on my website, Look for the DONATE button on the home page. Thank you so much! ALL MY RESOURCES: Instagram: Follow me on insta @nicolesachslcsw for tons of new content Website: The Cure for Chronic Pain YouTube: The Cure for Chronic Pain with Nicole Sachs, LCSW Book: The Meaning of Truth Online Course: FREEDOM FROM CHRONIC PAIN FB Closed Group:JournalSpeak with Nicole Sachs, LCSW OMEGA General info: OMEGA INSTITUTE Subscribe Apple Podcasts Deezer iHeart RadioPublic RSS Spotify Update Description
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